1 June 1982

Commanding Officer, USS ELLIOT (DD 967)
Director of Naval History, Washington, Navy Yard, Washington, D.C.
Subj: OPNAV Report 5750-1
Ref: (a) Annual Command History for 1981 (OPNAVINST 5750.12c)

1. As required by reference (a) the following report of significant events for USS ELLIOT (DD 967) during the calendar year of 1981 is submitted.

2. The year of 1981 was a fast paced one as ELLIOT combined her second Western Pacific Deployment with the commencement of her regular scheduled overhaul. ELLIOT continued to meet the high standards set in the previous three years since commissioning.

3. Singnificant events during the period January - December 1981 are as follows:

a. The year 1981 started with ELLIOT already overseas on her second Western Pacific deployment, as a member of TF 75, Surface Combatant Force, Seventh Fleet. Anti-Submarine Helicopter Squadron Light 33, Detachment 8, Officer in Charge LCDR M. B. PUTMAN, was embarked for the duration of the deployment. ELLIOT was attached to Destroyer Squadron THIRTY-ONE, (CAPT P. T. MAIER commanding), a part of Cruiser Destroyer Group FIVE. New Year's Day saw her at Subic Bay Naval Station finishing an upkeep period. ELLIOT departed 5 January for a four day visit in Manila, P.I. There ELLIOT celebrated her fourth birthday by welcoming a new Commanding Officer, when on 8 January CDR Douglas M. NORTON, USN, relieved CDR S. S. CLAREY, USN. The guest speaker at the ceremony was RADM P. A. LAUTERMILCH, Commander, Cruiser Destroyer Group FIVE/CTF 75.

b. After leaving Manila on 9 January ELLIOT returned to Subic Bay the same day for another upkeep period and preparations for RECONEX 81-2. This exercise started 14 January and was with a marine detachment from the 3rd Marine Reconnaissance Battalion. ELLIOT practiced day and night insertion and extraction operations on enemy shores. This exercise was conducted through 16 January off the west coast of Luzon Island.

c. On 19-22 January ELLIOT was a participant with USS GRAY (FF-1054), USS WHIPPLE (FF-1062), USS LANG (FF-1060), USS JOHN YOUNG (DD-973) (CTF 75 embarked), USS RAMSEY (FFG-2), and USNS NAVASOTA (TAO-106), in ASWEX 81-3U conducted off the coast of the Philippines. This exercise emphasized shallow water ASW and escorting of a high value unit through narrow straits. The USS BARBEL (SS-580) and USS GRAYBACK (SS-574) were the opposing submarines.

d. On January 23 there was a main bearing casualty on number 2 SSGTG. It was determined that the gas turbine engine needed replacement. This change out was accomplished in 48 hours by Subic Ship Repair Facility and ship's force.

e. Immediately upon successful repairs of the generator ELLIOT departed 27 January on an independent transit for a port visit to Hong Kong. ELLIOT moored to a buoy in Hong Kong 27-30 January while all hands had an opportunity to enjoy liberty afforded in Hong Kong.

f. After departing Hong Kong ELLIOT transited in company with USS RAMSEY (FFG-2), USS GRAY (FF-1054), USS LANG (FF-1060), USS JOHN YOUNG (DD-973) (CTF 75 embarked) and USNS NAVASOTA (TAO-106) to Pattaya Beach, Thailand. The port visit in Pattaya Beach from 3-7 February was used as a planning opportunity for an upcoming joint exercise, SEA SIAM 81-2, with the Royal Thai Navy.

g. The ship responded smartly to no-notice Surveillance Operations (SURVOPS) tasking by COMSEVENTHFLT on 8 February 1981. While enroute to Subic Bay, R.P. this operation, which could be undertaken only after a 36 hour full power run to reach intercept position, resulted in the following evaluation from CTF 74 (sanitized for declassification).

"During the recent prosecution of a FOXTROT and ECHO submarine vicinity _______________, USS ELLIOT and _______________ demonstrated a high degree of professionalism. The aggressive and dedicated effort made by both ships in pursuit of their quarry is much appreciated. Well done."

h. On 13 February ELLIOT was released from SURVOPS to return to Subic Bay and while enroute crossed the equator at 10548.5E longitude where a traditional "crossing the line" ceremony was held.

i. 17 February ELLIOT moored in Subic Bay. After a short upkeep period ELLIOT was underway for Special Warfare Exercise 1-81. The first phase of this exercise consisted of ELLIOT provided NGFS for US and allied spotters, as 369 rounds of 5" ammunition werre delivered from both mounts during a 10 hour period. The second phase was a SEAL Team insertion operation with delivery and pick up of the SEAL Team One Delta Platoon in simulated hostile waters opposed by missile firing patrol boats.

j. After disembarking the SPECWAREX participants on 24 February ELLIOT immediately departed for an Anti-Surface warfare exercise (ASUWEX) 81-1. ELLIOT was a major participant in this exercise, along with USS JOHN YOUNG, USS RAMSEY, USS LANG, USS GRAY, and USS BONEFISH (SS-582), designed to develop passive tactics of targeting for Harpoon missile attacks.

k. 5-7 March found ELLIOT inport Pusan, Korea for a short visit and planning for participants in Team Spirit 81 (MULTIPLEX 1-82/TAE KWAN DO). ELLIOT was part of a nine ship joint Korean-U.S. ASW Screening Force during amphibious operations. This operation was called MULTIPLEX 1-82/TAE KWON DO and took place from 8-14 March.

l. After another brief stop in Pusan on 15-16 March ELLIOT was sent to Yokosuka, Japan for repairs to the waterproof coating on the shafts and minor sonar dome work. ELLIOT was drydocked from 19-25 March and all work was accomplished satisfactorily.

m. After drydock ELLIOT proceeded to Singapore for a port visit of 4 days, 16-20 April. ELLIOT then proceeded to the Gulf of Thailand to join with Poyal Thai Navy and other U.S. Navy units for SEA SIAM 81-2. While enroute to this exercise on 21 April ELLIOT encountered the first of several refugee boats. Over the next 8 days ELLIOT picked up 158 refugees for which the crew was awarded the Humanitarian Service Medal. SEA SIAM 81-2 included operations in NGFS, anti-patrol boat tactics and multi-ship ASW tactics.

n. After a weekend stop in Subic Bay, ELLIOT departed for Hawaii on 4 May in company with USS GRAY (FF-1054), USS LANG (FF-1060), USS JOHN YOUNG (DD-973) and USNS NAVASOTA (TAO-106). On the following morning of 5 May, while in the Straits of San Bernardino, Seaman Recruit Mark J. SALAZAR was discovered missing. An extensive search by ELLIOT and other surface and air units failed to discover any trace of the missing man.

o. After returning to Subic Bay briefly for fuel on 7 May, ELLIOT then proceeded to Guam for a brief refueling stop 9 May and continued the transit to Pearl Harbor. 47 ELLIOT Tigers (male relatives and guests of the crew) were embarked 17 May at Pearl Harbor for the five day transit back to San Diego. ELLIOT departed Pearl Harbor 18 May in company with USS JOHN YOUNG (DD 973).

p. ELLIOT arrived in San Diego 23 May and commenced a post deployment upkeep period. On 1 June ELLIOT was transferred to Destroyer Squadron TWENTY-ONE (Captain R. C. USTICK commanding).

q. ELLIOT then conducted a short ASW exercise 24-25 June with USS GUITARRD (SSN-665). This exercise focused training on submarine familiarization, passive and active tracking, and LAMPS tactics.

r. All of ELLIOT's ammunition and missiles were off-loaded in Seal Beach, California 30 June in preparation for the upcoming overhaul. This major operation was completed quickly and safely.

s. On 14-19 February ELLIOT was assigned as one of the "Orange Forces" Surface Units in FLEETEX 1-81. This was the biggest Fleet exercise of 1981 and much emphasis was placed on probable enemy tactics to provide realistic training for the two carrier battle groups of Blue Force.

t. On 25 July ELLIOT hosted Commander, Destroyer Squadron TWENTY-ONE change of command ceremony on board as CAPT J. J. ANDRILLA, USN, relieved CAPT R. C. USTICK, USN. The principle speaker was RADM P. A. LAUTERMILCH, USN, Commander, Cruiser Destroyer Group FIVE.

u. On 14 July preparations for overhaul, which had been ongoing for several months, were accelerated. The ASROC launcher and various radar antennas were removed and shipped to repair facilities for rework.

v. ELLIOT's regular scheduled overhaul commenced 17 August, with departure from San Diego on 14 August. ELLIOT's homeport was changed to Seattle, Washington 17 August for the duration of the overhaul. This overhaul at Todd Pacific Shipyard was the first private sector overhaul of a SPRUANCE-class destroyer.

w. Drydocking, a major portion of ELLIOT's overhaul, proceeded without incident on 19 September. Major work was done on the sonar dome, shafts, screws, and hull.

x. On December 14-16 ELLIOT was given a thorough going over by Commander, Destroyer Squadron TWENTY-ONE and his staff during the annual command inspection. ELLIOT passed with high marks in all areas. Also during this week ELLIOT was visited by the engineering Mobile Training Team as part of preparations for Light Off Examination, which was scheduled for April of 1982. This busy week included the 25% review conference in which Todd, Supship Seattle, ELLIOT, COMNAVSURFPAC, CINCPACFLT and other organizations and commands assessed the progress of industrial work to date. The results of this conference were encouraging as the overhaul was progressing on track.

y. On 19 December ELLIOT was undocked smoothly and industrial work continued as scheduled.

z. The year ended with ELLIOT having completed four months of the projected eight month overhaul, with good prospects of finishing the overhaul on time. Major planned changes to ELLIOT included addition of an enhanced survivability SHIPALT, consisting of armor plate added to a majority of the ship's superstructure, increased passive sonar detection capability, and installation of the SLQ-32 electronic warfare equipment.