15 March 1983

Commanding Officer, USS ELLIOT (DD 967)
Director of Naval History, (OP-09B9) Washington, Navy Yard, Washington, D.C.
Subj: Annual Command History for 1982
(OPNAV Report 5750-1)
Ref: (a) OPNAVINST 5750.12C

1. As required by reference (a), the following report of significant events for USS ELLIOT (DD-967) during the 1982 calendar year is submitted. Commander Douglas M. NORTON served as Commanding Officer throughout.

2. 1982 has been "a day at the races" for ELLIOT. Like a true thoroughbred, ELLIOT continued to display the hard-charging, can-do style that has always been her trademark. Coming out fast, ELLIOT left overhaul on time and hit stride early, carrying herself quickly through a year of training and inspections to make ready for her upcoming WESTPAC deployment.

3. Significant events during the period January-December 1982 are as follows.

a. The year started with ELLIOT in drydock at the half way point of a nine-month regular overhaul. Major jobs of the overhaul included an enhanced survivability package which includes topside and magazine armor plating, installation of special equipment which provided for increased passive sonar detection capability, and the installation of the AN/SLQ-32 electronic warfare suite.

b. In January ELLIOT was notified of the award of a second consecutive Battle Efficiency "E" award. This recognized USS ELLIOT as the top ship in Destroyer Squadron 21 based upon overall performance in training exercises, inspections and fleet operations during the preceding 18 months. The ship also received or retained the following excellence awards: the Combat Information Center "E", the Communications "C", the ASW "A", the Missile "E", the Damage Control "DC", the Electronic Warfare "EW" and the Engineering "E".

c. Following un-docking in January, ELLIOT began the equipment start-up and test phase of the overhaul. Work proceeded around the clock in all departments with Engineering leading the way preparing for Light Off Examination (LOE). Combat Systems as well completed the complex testing and alignment following the long lay-up.

d. On April 7th ELLIOT successfully completed a dual engineroom LOE with a minimum of deficiencies. ELLIOT was the first SPRUANCE-class to accomplish a dual plant LOE following overhaul.

e. ELLIOT departed Todd Shipyard 30 April following extensive dockside and sea trials. The crews superb performance was reflected in ELLIOT's smart completion of each test and certification inspection.

f. Upon completion of sea trials ELLIOT moored as the Coast Guard Pier in downtown Seattle for a short holiday during which the crew hosted their Seattle friends to an open house.

g. ELLIOT was again underway on 3 May to conduct Ship Radiated Noise measurements in Carr inlet. The picturesque scenery provided a backdrop for three days of turning figure eights in Puget Sound.

h. ELLIOT left Puget Sound, stopping briefly for fuel and ammunition before heading south, and returning to her homeport of San Diego. During the transit south a memorial service was held on 9 May for SN Mark SALAZAR who was lost overboard on the previous deployment. The ship returned to San Diego on 12 May to the cheers and greetings of family and friends.

i. During a brief inport availability ELLIOT won the "small ship" category of the "Commander Naval Surface Force Professional Olympics". On the 21st of May ELLIOT was again underway for sonar testing in Long Beach, California.

j. During the period 7-28 June ELLIOT successfully completed her Ship Qualification trials which consisted of numerous weapons systems tests, including air tracking, torpedo and ASROC launches, two gun shoots and a missile shoot.

k. On 1 July the ship was reassigned from Destroyer Squadron TWENTY-ONE to Destroyer Squadron SEVENTEEN. ELLIOT spent much of the latter half of July in an availability preparing for a Baseline Underway Material Inspection (BUMI) by the Main Board of Inspection and Survey, getting underway only briefly for some pre-INSURV testing and a day at anchor.

l. BUMI was conducted 1-7 August. The ship's hard work in the previous months resulted in a personal "well done" from RADM BULKELEY, President, Board of Inspection and Survey. The ship was rated as ready for prompt and sustained combat operations. Shortly after this ELLIOT was selected as the Destroyer Squadron Seventeen nominee for the Marjorie Sterrett Battleship Fund Award for exceptional performance during the period June 1979 through December 1981.

m. On August 19th ELLIOT entered dry-dock in Long Beach Naval Shipyard for the replacement of the sonar dome rubber window.

n. During this dry-dock period, ELLIOT conducted a successful Training Readiness Evaluation (TRE) and Nuclear Weapons Acceptance Training. Upon the conclusion of the TRE, Commander Fleet Training Group San Diego made a report of conditions found which concluded "All evaluated areas of USS ELLIOT were outstanding in their preparation for training....a clear result of attention to detail and thorough preparation."

o. Following replacement of the sonar dome, ELLIOT entered three weeks of Refresher Training (REFTRA) on October 25th. The training was concluded on November 11th. ELLIOT quickly stepped through the various scenarios and drills and again demonstrated her outstanding level of readiness. The ship received high marks in all areas, including Damage Control, Navigation, Weapons and Engineering Casualty Control. Following REFTRA Commander Training Pacific Fleet, Rear Admiral F. C. JOHNSON, reported by message to the ship's type commander "Probably the best in my recollection. ELLIOT looked good at the outset, took advantage of all resources available and had her act together. The fact that she had no significant TRE deficiencies remaining upon completion of training attest to superior leadership and total involvement. (She) set some tough standards for others to emulate."

p. ELLIOT rounded out November by performing impressively in a Nuclear Weapons Acceptance Inspection. All areas were evaluated as good or outstanding.

q. ELLIOT began the month of December by successfully qualifying as a Naval Gunfire Support ship at the San Clemente Range. The three days of shooting were following by a week and a half underway with COMCRUDESGRU ONE and other ships in a war-at-sea exercise, "READIEX 83-1".

ELLIOT spent the remainder of December in a Holiday upkeep period.