February 20, 1987

Commanding Officer, USS ELLIOT (DD 967)
Director, Naval Historical Center, Washington Navy Yard, Washington, D.C. 20374
Ref: (a) OPNAVINST 5750.12C

1. The following report is submitted as required by reference (a).

2. Significant events during the period January - December 1986 are as follows:

a. New Year's Day found ELLIOT at Naval Station (NAVSTA) San Diego making preparations for a board on Inspection and Survey (INSURV) inspection. The ship conducted sea trials in the Southern California (SOCAL) Operating Area (OPAREA) on 16-17 January. INSURV commenced 21 January and an Underway Material Inspection (UMI) was held 22-23 January. INSURV was successfully completed on 24 January, followed by a post INSURV upkeep period from 25 January to 2 February.

b. The Gas Turbine Engineering Mobile Team Training (MTT) phase one was executed 3-7 February. On 6 February ELLIOT set out for sea conducting Engineering Casualty Control (ECC) Drills. An upkeep period followed from 8-17 February. While inport from 10-15 February the Combat Systems Readiness Assist Team (CART) surveyed the ELLIOT's training levels in primary and secondary warfare areas. On 24-28 February the ship was once again underway to the SOCA: OPAREA for Recertification Examination (OPPRE) preparations. During this at sea period ELLIOT served as target ship in a Torpedo Exercise (TORPEX) for USS POLLACK.

c. March followed with a successful Material Maintenance Management (3-M) Inspection. On 11 March students of various disciplines from the southwesstern states toured ELLIOT. Included among these was a NJROTC Unit from Roswell, New Mexico. Official visits culminated on 12 March when several flag officers representing Mexico's National Defense College visited ELLIOT. From 17-21 March the ship conducted MTT phase two and when underway for a full schedule of ECC drills. On 25-27 March, the month ended with a Personnel and Administrative Assistance Team Pacific (PAATPAC) Inspection.

d. In April, ELLIOT was underway for final preparations for OPPRE. Prior to OPPRE, Destroyer Squadron (DESRON) THIRTEEN came aboard to conduct a Command Security Inspection. On 15 April the Propulsion Examining Board (PEB) arrived and remained until the successful conclusion of OPPRE on 17 April. During this time ELLIOT was underway in the SOCAL OPAREA. After a weekend inport, ELLIOT was underway for San Francisco on 21 April. She anchored in San Francisco Bay on 22 April and offloaded ammunition in Concord on 23 April. From 23-27 April ELLIOT was pierside at Fisherman's Wharf where she was visit ship. On 29 April ELLIOT departed San Francisco and moored at North Island Pier to complete ammunition offload on May 1. Immediately therreafter she returned to NAVSTA San Francisco.

e. May 5 marked the commencement of a Selected Repair Availability (SRA) at Southwest Marine Shipyard in San Diego. Significant work included sonar dome replacement; repairs to the gun mounts, ammunition elevators, kingposts, and installation of LAMPS Mk III flight deck modifications. ELLIOT entered drydock on May 8. From 17-28 May, ELLIOT was host ship for the Japanese Maritime Self-Desfense Force (JMSDF) ship JDS TACHIKAZI.

f. On 12-13 Jun COMDESRON THIRTEEN conducted ELLIOT's Annual Command Inspection.

g. Amid final change of command preparations ELLIOT undocked on 9 July. On 12 July, Commander Thomas R. Mooney relieved Commander Eugene E. Cragg as Commanding Officer (enclosure (1)). ELLIOT was underway on 18-19 July and again on 21-22 July to conduct post SRA sea trials in the SOCAL OPAREA. She moored in San Diego on 22 July. From 29-31 July ELLIOT successfully completed a Nuclear Weapons Assist Team (NWAT) visit.

h. The month of August emphasized preparations for ELLIOT's upcoming WESTPAC deployment in January 1987 and advanced preparations for Regulary Overhaul (ROH) commencing in September 1987. On 31 July, Inport Pre-overhaul Testing and Inspection (POT & I) and Hull Maintenance and Engineering (HM & E) POT & I commenced and continued until 11 August when ELLIOT went underway for a weapons onload at Seal Beach. ELLIOT returned to North Island on 14 August to complete weapons onload and subsequently moored at NAVSTA San Diego. During this time the POT & I Team conducted an underway groom of the ship's equipment. From 18-20 August ASIR Inspection was completed and ELLIOT's Flight Deck was fully certified for aviation operations. ELLIOT moored at Broadway Pier on 22-25 August to host the Commander, Destroyer Squadron THIRTEEN Change of Command (Enclosure (2)) and serve as visit ship for the citizens of San Diego.

i. ELLIOT started off September by successfully completing a Nuclear Weapons Technical Proficiency Inspection (NTPI) and was underway on 8-13 September for a Fleet Training Group Refresher Training (REFTRA) Assist. On 17 September ELLIOT was underway to participate in COMTUEX 86-5, during which time the ship conducted a towing exercise with USS HALSEY (CG-23) on 21 September. On 23 September ELLIOT conducted torpedo firing exercises off San Clemente Island. COMTUEX concluded on 25 September.

j. Inspections continued in October as ELLIOT completed her Medical Readiness Technical Assist Visit (TAV) on the first. On October 6-7 the Supply Management Inspection (SMI) was conducted. On October 7, ELLIOT was underway to participate in San Francisco's Fleet Week celebrations. Before heading North she completed Fleet Operational Readiness Accuracy Check Site (FORACS) and Surface Ship Radiated Noise Measurements (SSRNM) off San Clemente Island. On 11 October, ELLIOT passed under the Golden Gate and entered San Francisco Bay in a tight column formation with 9 other US Navy ships to open San Francisco Fleet Week '87. From 11-15 October ELLIOT was moored at pier 27 in Ssan Francisco. An ammunition onload was conducted at Concord on 17 October followed by return to San Diego on 19 October.

k. On 5-25 November ELLIOT was underway participating in READIEX 87-1 and Keral Usher 87-1 on the SOCAL OPAREA. On 17 November the ship participated in advanced missile exercises which culminated in the successful firing of a NATO Sea Sparrow Missile. ELLIOT returned to NAVSTA San Diego on 25 November in time for Thanksgiving.

(1) In spite of a holiday leave and upkeep period in December, ELLIOT kept busy making preparations for cold weather operations in the Bering Sea that would mark the beginning of WESTPAC 87. The year ended with ELLIOT moored in NAVSTA San Diego.

3. During calendar year 1986, ELLIOT received several citations and awards including: Secretary of the Navy Energy Conservation Award, Secretary of the Navy Environmental Protection Award, ASW "A" (Fourth Consecurtive Award), Gunnery "E" (Third Consecutive Award), Missile "E" (Sixth Consecutive Award), Engineering "E" (First Award), Electronics Warfare "EW" (Fourth Consecutive Award), and CIC "E" (First Award). ELLIOT was also selected as runner-up ship by COMDESRON THIRTEEN in the Battle Efficiency Competition.

4. The command's welcome aboard pamphlet is submitted (enclosure (3)) to provide further background on the ship's history and commanding officer's biography.