Ship's Narrative 1993

ELLIOT began the new year completing a holiday stand down inport San Diego. January was fast paced and productive, with ELLIOT completing many at sea engineering evolutions. ELLIOT also provided services to HSLWINGSPAC, conducting training as Deck Landing Qualification support ship, as well as Naval Gunfire Support services to the FIRST MEF at San Clemente Island.

February saw ELLIOT alongside USS ACADIA for upkeep and maintenance. ELLIOT hosted HMCS MACKENZIE during her visit to San Diego. February's closing brought an important victory for ELLIOT as she completed the Operational Propulsion Plant Examination.

In March, ELLIOT and the embarked LAMPS DET worked with Afloat Training Group San Diego in completing Total Ships Tailored Training Phase I, setting the pace for a productive training cycle.

During April, the training cycle continued with ELLIOT participating in a number of qualifications and inspections including: Anti-Submarine Warfare team training phase I, Supply Management Assessment, Total Ships Tailored Training Phase III, and Naval Gunfire Support FIREX II.

The highlight of April was the culmination of the Final Evaluation Phase of training. ELLIOT's Cruise Missile and Strike Warfare teams successfully completed the Cruise Missile Tactical Qualification.

May arrived with ELLIOT continuing towards her deployment goal both inport and at sea. ELLIOT performed well at the Advanced Multi-Threat Anti-Submarine Warfare team trainers. At sea, the Engineering Readiness Assessment went smoothly. Middle East Force Exercise 93-3 provided the opportunity to take charge of many evolutions.

June took ELLIOT north to Portland, Oregon where she was guest ship at the Portland Rose Festival, as well as flagship for Commander, Carrier Group One. ELLIOT's performance during the port visit was beyond reproach. The ship and crew were immaculate, resulting in the most memorable visit by the U.S. Navy to the Portland Rose Festival. In mid-June, ELLIOT returned to San Diego where she continued to prepare for the approaching deployment deadline.

In early July, ELLIOT continued to fine tune her Combat Systems, completing a productive Combat Systems Material Review and Weapons-Cargo Elevator Assessment.

On 9 July, ELLIOT, with HSL 49 DET FIVE embarked, departed San Diego enroute Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, in company with USS RENTZ and USS CHANDLER. While enroute Pearl Harbor,, ELLIOT participated in Middle East Force Exercise 93-3T where her performance earned her the COMDESRON SEVEN Golden Arrow Award for demonstrating proficiency in various exercises that challenged knowledge, reaction time, teamwork, and ingenuity. During operations at Pacific Missile Range Facility, Kauai, ELLIOT took charge of all live fire weapons employment. Acting as the Anti-Surface Warfare Commander, and working with PMRF range control, ELLIOT took control of every weapons engagement providing ships in company a safe and effective training environment. ELLIOT remained overnight in Pearl Harbor, where she conducted more training and attended deployment briefs at Headquarters, Commander-In-Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet.

On 17 July, ELLIOT continued her westward transit enroute Apra Harbor, Guam, where she remained overnight to conduct her final weapons onload. While enroute from Guam to Singapore, ELLIOT evaded storms, as the Western Pacific monsoon season set in. Arriving Singapore, ELLIOT conducted a five day upkeep availability with COMLOGFOR SEVENTH FLEET.

ELLIOT departed Singapore 5 August and conducted a night transit of the Strait of Malacca enroute Phuket, Thailand, arriving 7 August for a well-deserved liberty visit. Due to operational commitments in the Arabian Gulf, ELLIOT conducted an independent Indian Ocean transit, entering the Strait of Hormuz on 15 August for turnover with USS O'BRIEN. While inport Bahrain, ELLIOT assumed duties as flagship for the Commander, U.S. Naval Forces, Central Command (COMUSNAVCENT), and continued making preparations for Anti-Submarine Warfare operations in the North Arabian Sea.

23 August saw ELLIOT off the coast of southern Iran conducting SHAREM 102 PHASE II/AIREM-B-93P in company with USS INGRAHAM, USS PASADENA, and USNS SILAS BENT. ELLIOT was assigned as Officer in Tactical Command of the event and continued ASW operations through 29 August.

1 September put ELLIOT on station in the North Arabian Gulf (NAG), ready for immediate Strike tasking. While on station in the NAG, ELLIOT participated in exercise NEMEAN LION 93-3. ELLIOT's Combat Information Center and Strike Warfare teams completed all Cruise Missile tasking. Contingency Strike Operations continued through 05 September. On 06 September, ELLIOT arrived Jebel Ali, U.A.E. for a much needed tender availability with USS SHENANDOAH. While inport, ELLIOT participated in Project Handclasp assisting in the refurbishment of Jebel Ali Boys' School. 15 September saw ELLIOT once again on station in the NAG, ready for immediate Strike Tasking. Strike Operations continued through 30 September, with the embarked LAMPS REDSTINGER 110 conducting daily surface surveillance patrols.

ELLIOT remained on station through 10 October and assumed duties as the NAG Anti-Air Warfare Commander and Arabian Gulf Force Over The Horizon Track Coordinator, ensuring that a current and correct tactical database was maintained and transmitted to the Commander, Joint Task Force, Southwest Asia (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) and COMUSNAVCENT (Bahrain). Strike Operations continued through 21 October. 23 October, ELLIOT was inport Dubai, U.A.E., serving as Host Ship for the COMUSNAVCENT "Under the Awning" reception. ELLIOT played host to many Gulf Cooperation Council dignitaries. ELLIOT continued NAG Strike Operations through the end of the month and embarked Commander, Destroyer Squadron SEVEN, serving as flagship for the Arabian Gulf Anti-Surface and Maritime Interception Force Commander. On 29 October while conducting Mina-Al-Bkar Oil terminal (MABOT) surveillance operations, ELLIOT located and conducted a boarding of the MV AMETIST (tug) ensuring compliance with United Nations Security Council Resolutions.

ELLIOT remained on station in the NAG through 7 November. ELLIOT conducted a port visit to Dubai, U.A.E., 8-12 November, and a visit to Bahrain to embark the COMUSNAVCENT Battle Staff. SHF communications suite testing was successful, a first for a Spruance-class destroyer. VADM Katz (COMUSNAVCENT) embarked on ELLIOT 18 November, remaining overnight to conduct contingency Strike Operations exercises. ELLIOT remained on station through the end of November. On Thanksgiving Day, ELLIOT conducted a boarding of the MV TYPHUS in company with HMS CAMPBELTOWN. This was the first cargo vessel inbound to Iraq since the end of the Iran-Iraq war. On 28 November ELLIOT completed her turnover with USS JOHN YOUNG and departed the Arabian Gulf.

ELLIOT then travelled to Fremantle, Australia. She refueled at Diego Garcia on 5 December and arrived in Fremantle on 11 December for two days of liberty. ELLIOT then made a four day trip to Sydney, Australia for another three days of liberty. ELLIOT spent the remainder of 1993 enroute Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, with a brief stop for fuel in Suva, Fiji, on 27 December.